I’m loose ☹️

So I used to weight-lift during my senior year and also went to the gym occasionally. Me and my boyfriend are long distance but every once and a while I made arrangements to see him and we’d have sex too. Every time we had sex though, all those months, I’d queef a lot and. I also knew it was loose and was extremely insecure about it. He never mentioned it except once when I took a month break from lifting and it felt tighter than usual. When we finished he complemented how tight I felt that time and even admitted that he had already noticed the looseness previously but didn’t say anything. I eventually found out that heavy lifting can weaken the pelvic floor 🤦🏽‍♀️ I was in denial at first because I love to weight-lift especially on leg days. I didn’t tell him I found out the reason either but this whole summer I just stopped working out and we’ve had way better sex than before and it was great. He moved further away recently so I won’t see him for even longer. But I’ve been thinking about going on my routine again. I went to the gym a couple days ago JUST ONCE and already noticed my vagina feels loose again. I want to continue working out but not while knowing I weaken my pelvic floor every time I do. Has anyone went through this? Or is it just me? I know there are fitness models/ female trainers out there and I’ve never heard it being an issue. How can I solve this?