Newborn struggles! PLEASE HELP!!


I had my little boy on Tuesday so he’s only a few days old so not sure if that might be why he’s not settling so well at night. He was having problems with breastfeeding and wasn’t eating but Midwife has helped with that and now he’s BF every few hours which is good! However, putting him to bed seemed to be a massive issue last night. I fed him so he had a nice full stomach, changed his nappy and clothes etc then put him down to bed. Well he didn’t settle at all from then, and then a few hours later he wanted more feeding and the night just kept going like that until about 4am because whenever I put him down, he starts crying!!!! 4am I gave him another feed and put him down to sleep (eventually) managed to sleep for about an hour then he was awake again so I got him from his cradle and rested him on my chest whilst I sat up and then I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up, put him into bed and started crying again, now he’s wide awake (fine, it’s nearly 8am) but he’s barely slept, and nor have I.

Is there anything anyone can suggest that might be the problem? The way I put him to bed? His routine? I’m seeing Midwife today so will also ask her but thought I’d ask for other parents experiences! TIA