What does this mean?

Zoey • just a tired girl living a busy life

I had a weird as dream so let's start off I have a amazing boyfriend we have been dating a year now and I would never even think about cheating on him ok so let's get in this dream so it started out I was walking in to a bathroom but it was kinda a weird bathroom like for stalls it was curtains so I walked in a my friend walks in behind me we'll call him K so K has a girlfriend too they have been dating awhile and I'm really goods friends with K have been for 3 years now ok so he walks in behind me and starts asking me to do sexual stuff and then he like grabs my ass and I'm like "dude just let me go to the bathroom" and he's like "ok I'll wait" so I go and I walk out and he's trying to convince me to have sex with him and in the dream I remember feeling like shit because I'm like dude we both have a partner why would I do that but he was like talking about my ass and how it's so big and stuff like that what does this mean I mean I've never liked K like that even before I met my boyfriend, I saw K yesterday at the barns so maybe that's why I saw him in my dreams I'm not sure can anyone tell me