maybe pregnant


to start off i’m 15 turning 16 soon, i got the IUD in over a year ago and i’ve never had anything problems with it other than really harsh cramping. a month or two ago i thought i was pregnant took a test and it was negative (my mom was four months pregnant with me and still getting negative tests even blood taken she only could figure out by her boobs being sore to the touch) a week ago i got this weird bloody discharge that i’ve never ever had(what brought to my head more about being pregnant), i randomly get nausea sometimes in the morning i’ve had it for a whole day almost threw up twice a week ago. now i have this really sore throat and running nose which i’ve heard people in the beginning of a pregnancy complain about. i talked to my mom and she told me i’m probably stressing about it so i think i’m pregnant. but for some reason my body just feels weird in a way. my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 8 months and we’ve used a condom once, he has finished in me too many times to count as he says it feels better which i don’t care (yes ik it’s dumb and not responsible please don’t judge even tho i know it’s hard not to). also i’m getting weird cramps and i normally get them on my period and i’m not supposed to get it for a bit. i’m going to take a test on saturday but does anyone else had what i’m talking about and was 1-2 months pregnant or think i am.