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I need some advice. I plan on calling dcs first thing tomorrow morning but what I want to know is what are the means for immediate removal of a child that is being sexually abused?

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My cousin is 4 years old and she is being sexually abused by her moms boyfriend. He has trail this month for rape of his 17 year old cousin. Well her mom is too stupid to listen to anybody and allows him to bathe and take her daughter to the bathroom. We all had our suspicions but today my baby cousin confirmed it. She said when he takes her in the bathroom, he tells her do fight and don’t bite, and that she can’t tell anyone what they do in there. Y’all I’m so pissed but I live in another state and dcs is closed. I want her to be removed from the home tomorrow and one of my other family members get custody of her. If I wanted to bring her back home with me would I just ask for custody when I called? Someone PLEASE HELP me help her!!