I still get paranoid about being pregnant with the paraguard lol...I know I’m probably not but does anyone else still panic?

It sucks!!! My cycle changed a lot (it’s ok, I’ve talked to gynos a LOT about it.) and I’ve had mine for about 3 years.

I’m 3 days late for my period and I’m debating buying a pregnancy test and freaking out!

I have sex like once a week...lol.

Like honestly if I’m pregnant it’s probably Jesus Christ or something😂 Jk. But it’s so unlikely. Yet every time my period is late (which is rare) I’m like welp, I’m fucked. Even though the reason it’s late rn is probably because I changed my diet from pescatarian to eating regular meat again last week, or stress, or my lack of sleep lately.


WHY. Why why why why...