I think I had a chemical..

Tia • Married💍 TTC baby #1 for 3 years- 1 MC

So within the past two days I had 3 positive tests!!! First tests to ever have anything on them at all.. usually it’s a clear big fat no. Well last night I had a negative digital and now line tests are also negative. I go to the doctors in two days so I’ll know for sure then... but it’s going to be so devastating if I hear that I’m not pregnant. I got me and my SO hyped up. I always thought when I saw a line I’d know and not buy more tests because how could I not be pregnant with a positive test?!? But here I am.... it’s just so hard because my SO has treated me so so well ever since we found out and he wants a baby bad.. I want a baby so bad and I’ve been in the best spirits. I just can’t help but think it was a chemical and now I’m going to have my feelings hurt. It would be super super early if I am pregnant like 3 weeks.. I was so shocked when I got a positive because it is so early. Ugh I just don’t want to be told I’m not pregnant and I have the strong feeling that it’s going to happen since all the tests from today are negative...

// just to add: no my so doesn’t treat me bad on a regular he’s just been super gentle and just... idk treated me like I’m pregnant and it made me feel so good