Confused and disheartened... 😣

So, my husband and I started TTC our last cycle and after ovulation I had a lot of symptoms or maybe I thought had them because I wanted to be pregnant so bad. Anyhow, around 10 dpo I took a home pregnancy test and it came out slightly positive. So the next day I took another one and it came out darker. By this time I’m already sort of hallelujah ing in my mind. One the third day I checked again and the line became lighter causing me to be confused and by fourth day (14 dpo) it became vvvfl. I was panicking by this time and told my husband we should get a blood work done. He’s a doctor so we didn’t consult anybody else. My blood work came out as 1. I’m so very disappointed. I know this is only our first try and I shouldn’t loose hope but I can’t understand what happened to that clear line I saw on 11 dpo. Can someone please help me understand what really happened here? I need closure.