Am I being too needy?

I’m super frustrated because my boyfriend of almost a year and I speak differnt love languages. I need to be told he loves me and I want him to show me more affection. He could care less if I say I love him or not. It’s day 3 of me being so frustrated that I’m sleeping on the couch because I’m so irritated I can’t even lay in bed and listen to him snoring. We literally just had a conversation about how I need to feel wanted. I was clearly upset for the third day in a row and he asks what’s the matter. So I tell him I haven’t felt wanted the last couple days. He says he’s ready for bed and just walks into the bedroom. So I get pissed and say “really?! I tell you I need attention and you just walk away?” He tells me to come to bed. I’m crying at this point because we have had this conversation a few times now. I’m tired of asking for kisses all the time and only hearing I love you if I say it first. He says he doesn’t need me to tell him I love him he knows by my actions. But that’s exactly what I’m missing from him and I don’t want to have to nag all the time for it. Am I asking for too much? I just want him to grab me and kiss me when he comes through the door or throw me down and make love to me once in a while, tell me he loves me without it being a reply to me saying it. Advice please