tylenol cause miscarriage??

So I've had an ear infection so bad that my doctor said if these antibiotics dont cut it, I might lose my hearing from that side. The pain got so bad that I would start shaking and twitching like an addict, I've been having pregnancy symptoms so ive been trying to avoid pain killers. With my first ive had zero symptoms. This time around (for the last 5 week's) I've had every symptom in the book. My breast have literally been engorged for 2 weeks and grown a cup size. My periods for the lest 2 months are just spotting. I just finished this months "period" it wasn't even enough for a pad. Sadly negative tests during pregnancy run in my family, most of my aunts still had their "period" and negative test all 9 months. So I haven't gotten a negative but the doctor knows that it runs in my family. I gave into the pain and took ibuprofen only once last night, it didnt do much and I felt fine afterward. I've been going to my clinic for some time now and I always get the same nurse who doesnt really like me. Well today I took my son and he was really fussy and it really bothered her. The doctor never told me take any Tylenol or anything while I was there, but she insisted I take some. As soon as I took the pills, about 5-10 minutes later I started getting the worst cramps ever. An hour passes and I still have them but I start bleeding really heavily, up to now I'm still bleeding and cramping very badly and passing clots. Can Tylenol cause a miscarriage?