Talking about rape for the first time...

For the first time since it happened (

Almost 3 years ago) i talked to a family member about it...

I was blacked out and and he went at it (i consented before but i was so drunk that i didnt know what i was saying and when i blacked out he did it anyways)

I told my sister about it on a trip we took a few days ago and honestly it felt good to be able to talk about kind of “confess” it

It was also really hard and i was about to cry...

Only 2 more people know about it (except the people that were there like my ex-bff), my bf and a good friend of mine.

She was also so nice about it and even tho so many years went by, she was still comforting me

She told me that she wants to write him about it but i wouldnt let her

She also said that if my dad were the find out he would beat the shit out of that guy and that also made me feel very good

I just wanted to confess this, i dont really know why but yeah

Feel free to share you stories if you want to ❤️