Bratty a** babygirl 😘

Hubby gets back home & I have his shower running with his clothes out & his food done . When he gets in the bed we smoke our herb 😎 & then it gets nasty . We lock eyes & i already know what's about to happen. I feel my pussy pulsing for him & I swallow hard. I suck his dick slowly letting him know I missed him so much & then I get on his dick and grind up and down while moaning in his ear telling him how horny I am . Then I put on my most brattiest voice and say " daddy fuck me please " 🀀🀀 I arched my ass high in the air so that he can fuck me in the best angle . I'm whining and begging him to go deeper because im on the verge and he pulls out sucks my clit then slams back in and we both spiral out of control . Slowly coming back to earth together. He reaches over and opens me a coke with a kiss on my forehead He held me so tight and i felt so safe in daddies arms. I love that man ! Dang it 😣😣 I want more .I'll be waiting for him until he gets off. 😘