Baby girl came at 30 weeks!!

Daisha • 25. 💖. Mother to beautiful baby girl Zuri Ellianna born at 30 weeks!!

So this may be kind of long but it has been a crazy week!!

So August 25-28 I was admitted to hospital due to pre term labor scare. ( I posted about this visit previously) I was sent home in light bed rest and taken out of work I had already dilated 2 cm. I took it easy nothing to crazy dr appt etc but on Friday morning I just work up and something didn’t “feel right” my normally active baby was not morning as much and I had slight cramps. I called dr , seeing as I was just there earlier the week and they told me to come in. By the time I got to the hospital contractions were 5 min apart and I was really struggling. They set me up to the monitor, saw my contractions and I was 2cm 80% effaced and immediately sent me to er. From Friday, I’ve been in the hospital having strong contractions!!! They tried everything magnesium, shots to stop labor etc and nothing was working!! I hadn’t eaten or slept in days just back to back pain! So Monday is when things really got worse! I they believed baby was coming and fast as it was nothing else they could do! I signed all paperwork and NICU discussed info with me. I got the epidural to help (4 cm dilated 100% effaced) but it kept wearing off and I couldn’t sit there in pain any longer I had pain meds and extra dose in epidural

and still was in so much pain ! Dr came in early and broke water and from there 20 min later I was pushing! I pushed 3 times and Zuri Ellianna was here 30 weeks at 4:42am weighing 3 lbs and 8 oz! I only caught a glimpse of her before she was off to NICU. I went and saw her as soon as 8Am hit. They believe she has an infection results come back in 48hours. Other than that she has few iv and things but nurses say she’s already been fighting them lol ! I’m so tired haven’t slept or eaten since Monday, but I’m so glad she’s here ! I know it will be a long road but She came into this world guns ablazing fighting so I’m praying she stays that way!! Didn’t think I’ll be writing my BIRTH STORY in September and I was due in November but here I am life has a funny way of doing exactly what it wants!! Good luck ladies!!