Do not watch the Netflix Movie!!


I read here that someone recommended the "One more Shot" documentary on Netflix. Because I was so nervous and anxious I thought watching it would help me know what to anticipate and kind of see someone else's experience. WRONG! Although the first 20-30 minutes comforted me knowing that my husband and I aren't alone in our emotions or what we are going through, the comfort stopped there. It was 2 hours of watching agony and suffering, seeing your worst fears come true for this couple, and as if that's not enough, they interview 5 other couples who describe their 8 plus year journeys. I thought the couples would be talking about how the meds made her feel, how they coped with their emotions--- no. Needless to say, my husband who was calm as a cucumber is now a nervous wreck after watching this film. Watching this film did not help me achieve any mental preparedness at all. If your want to see something that gives you insight or helps you prepare, you're better off with following someones YouTube channel.

Be warned.