Unfortunately for grandma..


So I'm all excited to tell my mother in law about our pregnancy.. We haven't always gotten along but now I feel she is trying to be close now that she know it's my way or the highway (there are reasons for that). But... His grandmother is always so rude to me. When I come in their home she ignores me when I speak, I even wave while speaking so she could either hear me or see me speaking. This has been going on for some time, so I officially say I don't like her. He knows this and so have his brother and they both have seen where she has ignored me. So I know she doesn't like me.

Fast forward to telling them that I'm pregnant, in actuality I was just telling his mom and she happen to be in there while I was telling them. I gave his mom a card saying that the baby was coming and she(his grandmother) snatches up the card saying that she wanted to be nosey and read the card. Soon as she did she was like, I told you to take geritol (which is a over the counter drug you use to get pregnant) and she was talking to my husband.

I hid my anger and didnt respond, I just looked at him and continued to smile like it didnt bother me. But inside I was exploding. Please tell me that I'm overreacting and not to take it serious. I feel like she did it on purpose to make me feel some type of way. My husband said he didnt tell me so I would be natural when it was "happy time" so that we could get pregnant. I would have rather him tell me this info on his own and not to have it blurted out by that old bat. #inmyfeelings