Need advice

So my boyfriends dad passed away about two weeks ago , way before his dad hot sick my boyfriend and I would come out very often to help with taking care of the property, mowing , me washing clothes, cook dinner clean up the house as much as his dad would let me , so after his dad passed and every one took off the day his dad passed my boyfriend and I were left with the property, they are going to spread his ashes here on the property as they did my boyfriends mom so we’ve been waitin for his ashes to be ready , they are finally ready and the family came up with a date which is this weekend anyways I’m not working so when my boyfriend leaves to work I stay here and clean and try to get this place as nice and clean as possible so yesterday I made a list of things I want to do every day and showed him the list of things he was like ok whatever , said the kitchen looked great later on at night he started moving stuff around and I told him I’m doing that tomorrow and jumped on me saying this isn’t your house it’s mine now and that he has a vision of how he wants things to be placed I got so mad and went to bed he didn’t come to bed till 2am I am so upset that he said it’s not my place or my home yet this is where we will live now and his siblings want to give him the property since they don’t want it so this is my home I feel I do as much as possible to make it nice and clean , question is should I be mad at him for saying that or should I just let it go? Sorry for the long story