Self conscious

I am 5 foot tall and 22 weeks pregnant.. I am pushing 170 lbs. I am usually 120-130 lbs and I went through a miscarriage back in December which I then let my prepregnancy weight get to 155, and then got pregnant. I have stretch marks going up my whole stomach and I just feel so self conscious all the time because I’m so short and being 170 at only 22 weeks scares me! I don’t want to get too big. My feet are swollen already and I just feel so unhealthy. I was wondering if any one is experiencing the same thing or similar? I really want to start eating better, and maybe doing some easy work outs and walking, but I don’t know if that will change much? I don’t want to say I want to lose weight right now but I just want to be healthy. Has anyone ever toned up while pregnant ???