Unprotected sex

I am 19 and I recently started dating this guy. He is so sweet and treats me really well and at the end of the night, we can’t help but show each other our affection. I’m not on birth control bc my mom won’t let me and if she found out I was on it she would kill me. We’ve been having unprotected sex and come to my realization, I’ve been ovulating this whole week! Last night, cum got on the outside of my vag and I’m completely freaking out. I took a plan b 2 weeks ago so I can’t take one again. And we never have condoms on hand which I know is so wrong. But this is my current situation and I’m not sure what to do now. I really don’t want to get pregnant. I already told him that we aren’t gonna have sex again until we use protection bc I know I should have been more responsible and not done it in the first place