Curious to see what she'll look like and how big she will be!

I'm 36 weeks, I'm all belly. And like two weeks ago she was measuring a little small. But this past week I guess she had a growth spurt. She's so active but never cooperates for my OB so the last picture we have of her is from like 27-28 weeks and even then her hand is over half of her face lol stubborn! But I'm half black half white (however I look black I'm not fair skinned or anything. Dark hair, dark brown eyes, I'd say I have a Halle berry complexion perhaps) and I'm an average height I think. I'm 5'9 and solid. I weighed 180 pounds pre pregnancy (i guess that's kinda high to some people but keep in mind that was me powerlifting between 200-250 pounds on the regular. Not fat, just always been fit and curvy and have been pumping iron for the 6 years lol. I like being strong. Hate cardio. Love heavy weights. When I was born I was a big for my mom. I was 8.5 pounds but when my mom had me, she weighed like 110 pounds. She was tiny. My baby's father is white and big and tall. He's not fat, I'd say has solid kinda husky but he's like 6'6 blond blue eyes 240 pounds, the guy who just started fights in hockey and football lol. I'm like trying to imagine what this little girl is gonna look like. No matter what we're going to love her! But you know, I want to see her eyes. And if she ends up having huge hands like both of her parents do lol and even just wondering how much she'll weigh. I hope she's not super super big because I want a vaginal birth if it can happen lol. Ahhh so anxious