My boyfriend eats toilet paper??

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together over two years. The first bad habit of his I found was nail biting. Over time though he’s gradually stopped with little hiccups here and there where he’ll be anxious and just bite them but I kept buying that gross nail stuff and moving his hands whenever I’d see him bite. The second was picking his nose and EATING IT. I only found this one out a few weeks ago when he wasn’t thinking and he just put his finger in his mouth after picking without thinking. He was so upset about it and told me he’s done it for as long as he’s known and only his brother knows but he swore he’s never done it then kissed me but idk I love him and it’s embarrassing for him so I’ve tried to get over it and I’ve been pretty strict on stopping him (he blows his nose when he wants to pick and uses a tissue and when he’s with me now he wouldn’t dare lol I kiss that mouth so it’s just disgusting at that point 🤷🏻‍♀️) so he’s stopped that too or nearly idk I can’t change it now I kinda just have to accept that he’s trying to stop and it was a habit and he’s more upset than I am lol. But now today I was peeing and he came in the bathroom chewing something and I asked him if it was gum and he just went “no it’s toilet paper” oh lol funny what is it really? Toilet paper. TOILET PAPER. I know it’s weird to be more freaked out about this than bogeys but I’ve had more time to process the bogey one. I kept saying “I know you’re joking come on I know you’re kidding” but he was being deadly serious and said he only eats the little bit on the toilet paper that’s been left behind so when you rip a square off and there’s a bit left on the next square he’ll just pick it off and eat it (I know that’s not loads only a bit but still??) I was asking him how he was raised in like a shock joke way and he told me when he was a kid he used to eat strings of cotton off of his blankets too?? Is this just a weird thing my boyfriend does or does anyone else’s spouse have weird/gross habits too and what should I think about this?? Because honestly if I’d known about this before I loved him as much as I do now it could’ve been an actual deal breaker lmao 😂😭😭