NT Ultrasound

Monica • 🇵🇹Juliette.Nicholas.Malia.Vincent🇵🇭

Hi all. I'm currently pregnant 13+4 with baby #4, and just had a second ultrasound done for the nt scan, where they measure the baby's neck. At my first scan (about a week or so ago), baby was being very stubborn and gave the tech a hard time, but she was able to get a measurement of 3.1mm, which is just over their "limit" of baby having nothing wrong with him. I went to a different facility this time and they got a 3.9mm, which the dr said was pretty big. I'm getting bloodwork done later today, and that takes 7-10 days for results, so I'd like some input here.

Has anyone had their baby measuring the same or above "normal" levels and what were your outcomes? I'd like all input if possible, and if you have photos/ultrasound scans, please don't hesitate to share. I'm just a bit worried, as I've never dealt with this before. Thanks so much ❤

**edit to add some photos of my little guy :)

He was turning away from the wand in this one. So far, he seems to be very camera shy lol

Maybe trying to sticking his tongue out here :p