What is this?? EDITED 9/10

I honestly don’t know what this could be.. I have irregular periods but they start off dark red or brown and LOTS of blood.. but this.. this is different and I’m kind of confused and lost.. I didn’t get a picture of yesterdays but it was pinkish orange then I got this today.. It was only when I wiped. I went to the bathroom again and now absolutely nothing.. I wore a panty liner all day yesterday after I got that thinking maybe period but there was absolutely nothing on the panty liner.. can someone please help.. what could this be? (Yes I’ve had sex and don’t know my ovulation or even when I ovulate)...

The color was kinda pinkish orange again but not as bright as yesterday. I’ve been having a weird crampy feeling in my lower abdomen (nothing like a period cramp this cramp is more like a ticklish feeling and very light I don’t know how else to describe it)

9/10 - Got a negative pregnancy test and still nothing.. I don’t understand.