Round 3IUI advice


Hey ladies! Just got my BFN on my second <a href="">IUI</a>. Still waiting for my period to start, Glow says I’m 1 day late. Doctors office will give it until Monday and then do blood test if it doesn’t start. I’m just looking for advice going into my 3rd time. Here is a break down of my cycles. 1st month my body didn’t respond to the letrozole, I was taking two pills a day from CD5-7. 2nd month I took Letrozole again but 3 pills a day from CD5-7. My ovaries responded well and I had three follicles. 3rd month I did Letrozole again 3 times a day but I had 1 follicle. Each time I did a trigger shot, the first month was Novarel, I think is the name. And the 2nd month it was Ovidrel. Anyways, I’m just curious if any of you ladies asked for a different kind of regimen from your doctor? Did you go in with a different game plan for your continued IUIs? I have never tried Clomid but was told that it thins my lining. I’m using donor sperm and this is my last vial until I purchase more. Thank you for the advice and sending everyone baby dust.