Confused and scared


So I just found I am pregnant and about 7 weeks, but always had issues with my monthly and ovulation. Meaning the timing was always off. Saturday I took two tests and they both came out positive. I went to my fertility doctor even though I got pregnant naturally and they gave me a blood test and it was confirmed I was pregnant. I was ecstatic because my husband and I have been trying for over 4 years to get pregnant.

I went for an ultrasound today at their office and they couldn’t see anything, not even a sac. So they drew blood and now I have to wait. They said it could be too early to see anything or I could have an ectopic pregnancy. So now I’m all freaked out! I am only 7 weeks or I could be earlier because my periods are whack. I should’ve went to a regular OBGYN instead but I didn’t. Any advice? Is it possible to not see anything at 7 weeks?