I hope there is someone out there who can help me. I just got the results back from my husband’s semen analysis and his levels were nonexistent. Motility and morphology were at zero. Something is obviously wrong. I just got the results back today.


I can’t stop crying and I’m at work. It’s hard to breathe. I’m 34 and had all my testing done and my levels all came out fine. I’ve done so much due diligence and have been so diligent and committed to this process. Accupuncture tracking everything, OPK’s, BBT, eating perfectly, vitamins. I’ve been so proactive that I didn’t see this coming. We’ve been trying 5 months and I knew something was wrong. My gut was telling me. But to get news this bad? This has knocked me on my fucking ass. The thought of me never being able to have babies with the only person I love is literally tearing me apart. It’s the biggest paradox in life. The person in this world you love more than anything can’t give you the only thing you want. I can’t even talk to him. It’s no ones fault I just have no one to talk to, not even my family and want to be left alone anyway. Oh I should also add that my sister, sil, and best friend are all newly pregnant which makes this so much more painful.