Family Input on Baby Names

Hey y’all-

So I have a quick question: did you take family input when choosing a baby name?

My husband and I, for one, did not. We decided and advised our family since pretty much the day we found out we were pregnant that we would not be taking in any suggestions for baby names. I know it would be messy, someone would be hurt and my husband and I would likely not end up happy with her name.

I have a friend at work whose in laws are threatening to disown their son and grandchild because they were not planning on giving their son a family name that has been passed on for generations.

My poor friend is stressing the hell out because her husbands parents are technically the deed holders to their home and have already threatened to kick them out.

Just makes me so much more confident in our decision to not let anyone’s input in. Sure people were hurt, especially since hardly no one likes my soon to be daughters name. But it’s a whole lot of stress we were able to avoid.

What are your thoughts?