Updated: Unsure of whether I want to be official or not


Im conflicted; so ive been thinking about stuff with this guy. He wants to become official, but lately hes been flaky with plans when we were supposed to see each other. And that got to me, last night i saw him and it only really made things even more confusing. Cause when im with him, i feel safe, i feel happy, i feel good. But sometimes its not always consistent. Then i thought i was ready for him to meet my grandparents and all that, cause i dont have feelings for my ex anymore. But now I’m not sure if I’m ready. Most my friends are telling me to just end it cause it’s like 5 months and there’s already so much that has happened and this should be the honey moon phase. I haven’t talked to the guy since last night cause I’m so just conflicted.

He also very much so likes me, he treats me good, he makes sure I’m safe and all that. He barely lets me pay for stuff and he’s a total gentleman. Maybe I just got back in the game too soon. Cause after I broke up with my ex it was 3 days then I was back on okcupid and meet him.

Update: i talked to hin and i told him how i felt. He was on board with how i felt and waiting for some stuff. Its good cause now i feel better. I still have to think about if we're compatible or nor, ive been thinking about it lately.