I need big advice!!! (Yes I reposted, added some edits)

So this is a long story.

And I know I should know the answer... but I’m torn.

I’ve dated this guy for two years.

We’ve never gone on dates, I occasionally see him for sex, but he is an incredibly sweet man, always making sure I’m okay and such. He’s never met my parents, and I met him online. I’ve also never been to his house. Edit: I may have over simplified my boyfriends and i’s relationship. We talk all the time, but because we are both so busy and opposed schedules we can only seen eachother once and a while and it leads to sex

My mom is extremely toxic and obsessive towards he children, she’s also known for “stretching the truth”

Sunday he was supposed to meet them, but the night before he said it was up in the air as he might work. My mom thought it smelled fishy as he’s in HR at our college.

But Because of this, she looked him up on the alumni list, he’s getting a masters, he never popped up. My mom immediately starts freaking out, makes me dump him and says if I talk to him she will pull me outta college, I’m almost 20, he’s 23.

Yesterday she called the school and asked if a guy by his name worked there, and after discussion they told her to talk to the police.

Mean while I’m still talking to this guy, my mom fully believes he is a 30 year old predator that is going to kidnap me. She’s never talked to him, I mean yeah he has issues, but the guy isn’t a predator!

I’m just trying to figure out who to trust, the guy I wanna marry, or my mother. I know I should say “my mom” but I just can’t help but think her logic doesn’t add up. And with all my mans faults, I know he would never purposely hurt me or put me in a dangerous situation. He’s extremely hurt by this hole situation, as he has proof he graduated and such.

I’m just sitting here thinking “who do I believe?”

Is it possible my mom is lying? She has no idea what he is like and has created a character that doesn’t exist, hell she wants to pull me out of college and make me move back home if she finds out we are talking!