Last night “chats”


My boyfriend and I are taking some time away from all of the stresses of friends and going out as often and just focusing on us.

We are happy and I think healthy

But sometimes we find ourselves trying too hard to to make other people happy

So from time to time we sit down and just say everything we have to say then leave all social media and other distractions.

This was a two way decision and isn’t the first time we have done this.

Don’t worry it’s not like we take ourselves away from everyone and are under each others noses all the time we live separately so we have few nights a week apart and we are okay at communicating so we both know that the others okay.

But tonight I was talking to him about how we have missed out on our friends going to Scarborough for the day/night and that it would have been really fun but he told me not to worry about it.

I was just told that a friend of ours that hasn’t gone had phoned him and asked if he could come to his house and “have a cuppa and a late night chat”

But this friend of ours is currently involved with someone whom is married and who is not telling her husband that she is with our friend.

I have never met this women

Or the husband and didn’t know about her until last week

But with our friend going over to my boyfriends house she is with the friend who’s visiting.

In the past before my boyfriend and I met and the women wasn’t married. My boyfriend and her were “talking” but I don’t know if there was any sexual chemistry or any of the background as I didn’t ask when she was brought up and as it was the passed and I didn’t know she was fooling around with our friend I thought I didn’t need to know anything about her.

I need help!!!

Should I be letting our friend bring her to my boyfriends house?

Should I be jealous?

I’m scared that if her husband finds out and arguments or anything kick off that my boyfriend will be getting involved?

Should I be mad at our friend as he is only now talking to my boyfriend as the others are not here?? 😵😪