11 months difference!!! Update!!


I started my weight loss journey about 11 months ago at 200 lbs. Alot of people told me I didn't look that big but I'm 5'10" so 200 doesn't look as big as it does if your 5'. I started with low carbs and lost the first 30. I took a break after Christmas and during my break I put back on 15 lbs due to the low carb diet. My goal was to fit in a certain dress for graduation and I made it and weighed in at 165. I was happy but not where I wanted to be 100%. I changed the way I ate and after doing low carb for a while it was pretty much my lifestyle. I didn't count carbs anymore but I was careful not to eat stuff that had a ton, like pasta and bread. Since changing my lifestyle, and working out a couple of times a week, I'm now down to 151 and I'm so happy with my progress. Not all progress comes quickly or overnight. I try to choose meats without breading, veggies, and I love cheese. I also have found a love for almonds and the only have good carbs and fat. If anyone needs encouragement or advice I'm here for anyone!!!

These are my progress pictures from start to now. The top and second are before and today pictures. The rest are as my journey has progressed.

Update: Thank you ladies for your support. I just found out yesterday that I will no longer be this small for much longer. I took a pregnancy test its it blazing positive. I plan to follow my lifestyle throughout my pregnancy as long as ok by my OBGYN.