29 Year Age Gap... Need Advice PLEASE


Hello All, I’m Britney from Wisconsin, (any of you with huge gaps feel free to add me) Definitely not expected but I fell in love with a much older man. He’s 53 and I’m 24 and we have been together for almost 8 months. I’ve never got along with someone and been as crazy about him with anyone else but I’m scared for the future. He’s completely crazy in love with me, never been married or had kids because he didn’t find the “right one” I want a family with him so badly and he wants to start trying in a few months..

My dad used to play softball and work with him years before I was born and that’s how we connected.. I’m scared my family won’t accept it but my heart completely does.

I also worry if we have children, that he won’t be there to watch them grow up and I worry that they will resent me for that.

Lots of questions go through my mind daily.

Thanks in advance!!