How do I make my husband understand I don’t want his sister at the hospital (to visit)?

Me and her have a lot of issues. She has been putting me down and disrespecting me for no reason for seven years. She gets mad over everything for example throwing old toys out (I have made a post about it last week). She has a habit of pointing fingers, saying you (referring to me) are petty, dramatic, and entitled. She has said this two days after my wedding when I asked her why me and her brother (my hubby) were not invited to the dinner parties. We had a destination wedding and she was a total bitch during the entire time, made an argument with her mom during MY reception and was very aggressive with me after the wedding.

So how do I make him understand I only want grandparents and my kids at the hospital? I don’t want to share my precious moments with her. Mind you, we live in the same household so she will see my son. But, she showed zero interest in my pregnancy for the past 30 weeks anyways.