First Pap Smear...


Had my first Pap smear today. For some women paps are like a normal routine thing I guess (from what my NP told me) but for some it can be scary. For me, it was definitely scary. I was sexually assaulted by a family member at 14 and ever since, certain things involving the crazy lady downstairs (aka my vag) freak me out sometimes. I can still like, have sex and stuff but usually the desire to have sex isn’t there.

But anyway, this was a new OBGYN that I was seeing and she was so sweet! She and her medical assistant were so supportive. I kept saying “sorry” the whole time cus I was shaking and crying a little bit but they assured me that I was doing great and I’m very brave. I feel a little crampy and I was shaking afterwards for a good couple hours but my fiancé snuggled with me and now I feel better :) just wanted to share my story, and if anyone else has experienced something similar feel free to share!