What am I going to do..?

Hannah • Married to a wonderful, hard-working man, with a rainbow “ours” baby boy 07/11/19 🥰 and two beautiful step daughters. 💜

So in about an hour, I'm going to be announcing my pregnancy to my parents. I've gotten a little baby doll and stuck it in a gift bag and they're going to open it. I'm 21, with a husband, but my parents are do it by the book people, always prepared. I know it's logical that they should be happy for their very first grandchild, but we're not as stable as we should be. As they think we should be and I just want them to love our baby and be excited. We've been TTC for 2 years now but they didn't know. We both have jobs, a home, and are well off in my standards. IDK how I'm going to cope if they start yelling. I'm thinking of backing out and just not saying anything but they'll be upset if I didn't anyway..