Laryngomalacia stridor

Mrs. B

Not a question, because she’s been scoped and diagnosed by an ENT. But I wanted to post this video for anyone else who has a young baby just diagnosed or thinks may also have laryngomalacia. This noise she’s making is totally normal! Her larynx/voicebox are soft and floppy when normally it is a more cartilage like material. This area will continue developing as she gets older and the stridor will disappear eventually. She has been scoped by an ENT and she has plenty of room to breathe, even though sometimes it sounds like she is struggling. The ENT called the stridor a “cosmetic” side effect of the condition.

For anyone else with a baby making noises like this, I know it’s scary! I about had a breakdown when she was a week old because I was so worried about her. Get an appointment with an ENT for your own peace of mind. It is a condition that can require surgery to correct but in our case is only minimal and she will outgrow it.

I hope this helps anyone in a similar situation! BTW, Cora is 3 months old in this video.