Bath-time Drama 😭

Amanda • 35 | Vivian Lee 9/11/2017 & Henry Lee 4/24/2019 👧🏼💗💙👶🏻

Anyone else’s LOs absolutely hate getting hair wet/rinsed during bath. My daughter sits in baby tub inside the big tub and now as of a few weeks ago has started to freak out when I wet her hair and rinse her off. She’s always loved her baths 100% since birth so this is a new thing. I try to get her to lean back in the infant tub and pour water which she never minded before and now screams bloody murder crying actual tears and turning into s boogery mess. Is this just a phase!?? I literally feel like I’m killing her now. And it totally stresses her out before bed. Now as for sitting in the tub just playing with her tub toys she’s totally fine. She’d sit there forever if I let her. 🤦🏻‍♀️