Needing to vent

I am currently exclusively pumping. My almost 8 week old had latch issues from the get go from being tiny and a week and a half early. We then got him to latch, finally, 10 days after he was born with the use of a nipple shield. However, even with the nipple shield, he would nurse for sometimes hours and still not be satisfied. I started pumping and bottle feeding to save my sanity.

I am so tempted to throw in the towel, dry the girls up, and go to formula. I am tired of sore nipples, being tied to my pumping schedule, still trying to BF with the nipple shield (only to have LO get frustrated and rip it off...ouch).

Breastfeeding and pumping has made me hate my boobs so much. They were already large before I got pregnant, now they are just big and sore and a huge hassle. I can't stand the feeling of anything touching my nipples, they feel bruised. I've tried 5 or 6 different flange sizes, messed with the settings on my pump, etc. Every time I have tried to breastfeed, it has ended up with LO screaming and me feeling like a complete failure.

Pumping, I do get anywhere from 3-5 oz from each breast every time I pump, so supply isn't an issue. I just hate it all so much right now.

Anyone else relate?