Keep her or ditch her?


Okay so I'm torn on an old friend of mine. I posted about her a few days ago and didn't clarify well enough on something that she said that bugged me and still does. That's not why I'm posting though. Warning it's long.

So this girl and I have been friends for ever. Seriously she and I go back to elementary school. Over the years we talk and loose contact and find each other again. Her family basically claim me as the youngest child and she has been like a sister to me.

The problem is that the last time she contacted me and we reconnected about 2-4years ago. She was smoking spice because she had just lost custody of her kids. We didn't stay in contact mostly because I just didn't want to. I wasn't comfortable around her especially after she found out I flirted with her oldest sister's husband. I'm a natural flirt and I don't always mean to flirt with people. So when I put 2 and 2 together(I didn't realize until she about jumped my ass that D&T were not just friends but my adopted family) I felt horrible for flirting with him.

We lost contact about a month out. Skip to now, she contacted me about 2-2.5 months ago asking if we're still friends. Now I let what happened before go and said yes. So we started hanging out again. This time she isn't smoking spice but she is drinking heavily and smoking weed. We live in Colorado so recreational use is legal. Now I don't mind people drinking and smoking around me. I enjoy both as well but when I drink or smoke I don't drive and tend to stay home(mostly when I smoke). She on the other hand has a flask that she brings with her and always has weed or a joint in her bag.

She claims that she keeps them with her for her medical problems(several stomach pain problems, social anxiety, and some nerve problems). I seriously can't take her anywhere without her being in some way inebriated. Which for my business isn't good. I took her to a meeting with my director and she had to keep adding vodka to her tea at the coffee shop. Last month I had an event and she wanted to come and we had planned to hang out the next day. She asked me if she did anything to embarrass herself the night before(during the event). She was so self medicated that she couldn't remember.

Now like I said I don't mind drinking or smoking of pot. If I did I wouldn't be around myself or my other half and his family. My wonderful other half has pointed out that it takes a couple of days before I act normal after being around her. He doesn't like the way she talks down to me or treats my business. The big question is, do I cut all ties from her or encourage her to better herself?

She keeps telling me how her and her boyfriend are trying to get pregnant(yes while she is still smoking like a train(weed and cigarettes) and drinking like a fish). She has no job because of her "social anxiety"(I don't believe it) and the small fact of she has no DL. Her boyfriend also has no job but can pay for his mom's dialysis and his child support. They live with her parents, yes mom needs help but not 24/7. She also wants to go into the same business as me but I'm her only friend. That's my big problem because she has a problem like all the time. Its always a big problem even if it's a hangnail. So what do I do? If I do end it, how?