Lastnight my best friend ordered a group of strippers to go to her man house saying they were ordered by one of his friends. Cuz she seen a txt saying his friend wanted to order strippers and have wanted to know if he’d actually do anything with a person stripper . MY BOYFRIEND was at his house when the strippers got there. I didn’t know . My bff texting met man asking wyd and stuff knowing he wouldn’t reply so she popped up and I rode along. I see my bfs car in the driveway . So I get out I’m like wtf . We walk in walk around and I hear her cussing out her man and I search the big 2 story house for my man and he in the guest room getting head from one of the girls . I stormed out. I was so angry . Almost left my bff but I had to wait on her . I knew she was goin take hers back. Mine met me at the car and asked for us to talk . I barely listened then my bff came out and all the girls were leaving . My bff gave me her keys so I could go home saying her boo would take her home and she’d txt me later and my bf was like nah I’ll take her home . I didn’t want to ride with him but I did and we ended up going back to his place . He apologized. But I told him o didn’t want to be with him anymore and that was that. He’s blocked n stuff now .