I love glow


I love glow so much because it’s so much positive i haven’t seen not one negative thing or comment yet !! ☺️☺️ everybody is just so happy and sharing what they’re going through. Especially being able to share your pregnancy and have so many other already moms or first time moms having the same due date as you and just experiencing and supporting one another through glow it’s so amazing and uplifting. I just found out 2 days ago I’m pregnant and my doctors appointment isn’t until September 21st that seems like sooo long away but I’m sooo excited and i can’t wait. This is going to be my second child and my daughter has been asking for a little bother for about a month now so now she’ll have her little sibling once i finally tell her i know she’s gonna be so excited and in starting my YouTube channel to Vlog this whole journey so once i get that together I’ll share my YouTube channel ☺️💓💓