BFP 10dpo with first IUI!!


I’m still in shock. I didn’t have high hopes for my

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, but it looks like it worked! A little background: I conceived my first child 2 years ago with the help of Letrozole and an HSG. Took 3 medicated months. Fast forward to now. About a year ago I had weight loss surgery (VSG) and I have lost 100lbs over the last year. I wanted to try for baby 2 when I hit my goal which I am only 15lbs away. We tried for 2 months and I noticed my luteAl phase was short. I went to a new RE and was put on Letrozole again, had a saline sonogram and given a trigger. My

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was performed 2 days later. My husband had 1% morphology so I was devastated. I had two large follicles and not sure yet if both released. I tested out my trigger and decided to take a FRER at 10dpo and it was positive...I then took a few more digitalis because I’m obsessive. I go in 2 days for my beta. My lines today have gotten darker so I know it’s not the trigger shot. I’m so thankful this worked in the first month, but it won’t feel real until I see that bloodwork! I’m 36 (from MI) and this will probably be my last babe. Team Green here!!! Again! I leave for vacation in 2 weeks so I’m hoping to get

My first US before I go which would put me right at 6 weeks according to my calculations from conceiving from the

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. Excited to make some mommy friends on this journey!! Will update again after my Beta results. Kinda freaking out if both eggs released!!