Dislocated Knee need Advice?!?

Just wondering if anyone else here has ever dislocated their knee before? This is my fourth time doing it but there’s been such a time gap in between I forgotten what recovery was like.

Important details: it was back into place within 3 minutes, The first three days I stayed off it completely with a full brace on elevated and with ice 20min on 30min off. The forth day I walked around some of the day with one crutch or none at all but with splint on. Swelling has reduced heaps. I can fully bend and straighten with minimal pain.

What I’m asking is: I have a state rowing championship 2 weeks and 3 days out from the date of injury. Is their any chance I will be able to compete? Should I still be using crutches on my 5th day or can I just use the splint or just use the crutches.

Photo attached is day 2 and day s4