Shelby • 26 yrs old 💙Declan Alan 12-31-18💙

I just have to share this.. My husband and I tried for a baby for a year and a half before starting at an OB thinking oh it’s probably nothing having treatment start by tracking my BBT getting put on metformin and clomid then after a year of that not helping being told it’s time to go to a specialist. By this point I was worried it’d never happen I wouldn’t feel the little kicks in my tummy.. they did all the tests and decided to have us start with <a href="">IUI</a> after two failed they told us we’ll do it one more time but it’s time to talk about our next steps.. My husband and I were torn and had to talk a lot <a href="">IUI</a> with injectables or go straight to <a href="">IVF</a> we decided save up for <a href="">IVF</a> let’s just get to the big guns since it was male factor I felt like doing <a href="">IVF</a> was our best chance we saved for 10 months then said ok let’s do this! Well this means more blood work more tests I get sonohysterogram there’s bumps so now we get to do a hysteroscopy with a light D&C well there’s a polyp so they removed it. Now we can finally start <a href="">IVF</a>! I had to stay in the city alone for a week since we live so far away from the clinic and there’s no where near my home that can do the tests and get the results quick enough.. I did all the shots did the retrieval and transfer then you just wait! (Which feels like a lifetime) I was so scared to find out it didn’t work but.. miraculously I was pregnant and not just that but due New Year’s Day it’s amazing and looking back all that seems like a lifetime ago! There are moments I just cry because of how blessed I am ❤️❤️

My little Declan when he was just a little blastocyst when he was just a hope and dream I loved him from the moment I saw this picture right before my transfer ❤️