My SO and i have been ttc for 1 yr and 9 months. Very stressful and we have tried every single thing on the market to help us get what we need!!

Well i gave up at some point and even try the “stop trying so hard” technique for couple of months and nothing came of it.

Last month when i was on my period i went to Target to get some tampons and saw this lube to help you get pregnant.

I was like “should i?” What the hell lets try it. So we bd around the day before ovulation, the day of, and the day after using this lube. Honestly i was surprised because it actually helped the seaman stay longer inside, even after going to the bathroom like an hr later nothing came out. So of course i was excited.

Well i honestly cant tell you for sure this helped, or it was just time for us to conceive. But i took a test a week before af was due and it was positive, three days before af was due BFP and now im a day late and i also got another BFP.

So you ladies should try it. I was going to use it for at least three months before giving up on it, but it worked on the first try.

This test was this morning