Tips/advice/ what worked for you??

I’d love to start a bit of a thread (as I can’t find one on here) of general tips, advice and what worked for you personally?

Whether it’s something that’s been clinically proven or just what you found helped you individually?

We are so lucky to have this community of women to support each other.. there’s only so much you can learn off the internet. The facts repeat themselves.

Learning off real women with real experiences is so much more valuable.

A bit about me..

I’m 23 with endometriosis. Currently taking Fertility Smart (would be even better if anyone has reviews on this!)

First month on fertility smart, third month trying. Also first month taking ovulation tests. 🤞🏻

The best advice I’ve read on here so far which I’m sure many of us can take away from this thread is;

“Don’t schedule sex, schedule intimacy”

What’s worked for you?