Hes finally here ❤


Everything started on the 5th. I had a doctors appointment at 2 in the afternoon for my 39 week appointment I was 39+1. My doctor ended up doing a membrane sweep at about 2:20 and she ended up doing it 3 times in a row to really try and get things going. I was at 3cm and 70% effaced. Started getting crampy right after and went home and took a very short nap lol around 4 I started getting regular contractions but they didnt hurt to bad so I waiting and relaxed for a bit. A few minutes before 6 my water ended up breaking and we went straight to the hospital. I got checked in and taken up to l&d within 20 minutes. Got the epidural soon after. With my first son I didnt get it in time so I kinda freaked out a little bit and kept telling the nurses that I wanted it now. I got the epidural and was in heaven lol a few hours later I felt pressure and started pushing. I was pushing for a total of an hour and 9minutes and my son was finally born lol. He was 7 pounds 6.9 ounces and 19 inches born 9/6 at 2:44 am.

He is perfect and healthy. No complications at all and I didnt even tear. My little man even gained weight while we were there. So I guess now I'm just going to spam a few pictures of this little guy lol