Effectiveness of pill


Hi ladies, so a tiny bit of TMI on here, but I have a question. I’ve heard that antibiotics can affect birth control pills effectiveness. I’ve also heard that vomiting after a short time of taking the pill can also have an affect. But I’m wondering if diarrhea does? I’ve looked it up and I’ve found food poisoning and things but I don’t have food poisoning. I’m on my period right now and my periods are AWFUL and birth control pills don’t help (changing to IUD soon). I took my last inactive pill Saturday but my period came late so I’m still on my period while I took my first active pill of my new pack last night.

I took the pill at 11:00pm. I was having cramps and feeling sick, but I ended up falling asleep and shot straight up at 12:45am because I was feeling so sick. I went to the bathroom and I had diarrhea, but I don’t know if my pill had enough time to absorb.

I’m on vacation right now and I don’t have my pill packet with me (didn’t figure I’d need it so I left it at home). I’m planning on having sex this week so I’m just wondering if my body unintentionally screwed those plans up😅

I also read that I have to wait until my next period for it to become effective again? But I’m on the pill where I only have my period once every three months...surely I wouldn’t have to wait three months.....?

Thanks ladies!