How to deal with negative MIL? Pregnancy


Hello all!

So currently we are living with my MIL (only temporary due to extenuating circumstances)

And I’m having some difficulty.

I’m a naturally cautious person/worrier but these past couple months I’ve been trying my best to be positive and realize that good things are equally as possible as negative things.

Well after moving in with my MIL it’s been really hard to stay positive about anything. She’s had 3 healthy boys and is an ex NICU nurse/owns a multi million dollar business so she’s had some great stuff happen-I’m 14 wk with my 🌈 baby and every time I talk with her about pregnancy or marriage or anything she is so darn negative.


I’ll say “oh I’m a little worried about my anatomy scan, I hope everything looks great! So far it’s all tests have been amazing”

Her “Well there’s nothing you can do now about it so either way you’ll find out wether the baby’s okay or not”


I’ll say: “oh I hope I’m a good boy mom! Im going to have to work on my anxiety a bit so my child can be adventurous”

Her “my friends baby passed away at 30 Weeks and the son she had after that she was overly worried about and he didn’t get to experience much because of her anxiety”

Then the next day she’ll offer to buy me a baby outfit!!

This isn’t just with pregnancy!!! With my marriage, our future, anything! Like I can’t be positive about anything in my life without her interjecting some comment about how it’s going to happen the way it’s going to happen and I can’t do anything about it. I feel like it’s robbed me of any joy I have towards this pregnancy and is making me more nervous towards life!

I grew up with an abusive childhood and have had sexual assault trauma-holding onto the positive and the romance/love life has to offer is what has kept me pushing forward.

Please help 😭😭

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