PCM authorize or supervision?

I’m active duty Air Force. I’m 35 +2 weeks pregnant.

I’ve been cramping and having Braxton Hicks a lot the past 4 days. No bleeding, gushes of fluid or mucous.

I’ve made an appointment with women’s health to be seen. I’m awaiting that time to roll around. I plan to ask the provider to check to see if anything is going on down there. I have to be seen on base since this base has a fully operational hospital. I don’t like the providers but I have no choice. I’m hurting a lot and often.

Right now, my profile says 8 hour shifts are recommended but not required. I’ve only got 10 days of ordinary leave left.

If I asked the OB provider, would they even bother to put me on more restrictive hours or should I just deal with it and take ordinary leave in a couple weeks?

My supervisor has me coming in for full 8’s regardless of pain/discomfort level. I work with all men. I’m the only female in my shop.