I feel like Im never going to get PREGNANT! 😢


So I try to stay as positive as possible but sometimes its moments where I just break down into tears....

Having a wonderful morning filled with laughter, jokes, lots of love and sex 😋 before leaving home. My fiancé and I were coming back from getting breakfast. Listening to some music, we drove past a park and it was a bunch kids (looked to be about 3y and 4y) learning to play tee ball and running around. It was the cutest thing ever!

...10 seconds later I broke down into a million tears. My fiancé looked over and immediately knew why I was crying. He pulled the car over, got out and came over to my side to help me out. He hugged me for a very long time while I just balled my eyes out. I told him that I feel like a failure. He looked at me and said “Don’t ever say that. Our time just hasn’t came yet but it will.” Just hugging him makes me feel so much better but I feel like Ive done everything. And I have been patient for so long. I just want our little baby ❤️😢